• Steph Landreville

The Subtle Truth. 018 - ALLIESUN

It’s always such a pleasure meeting new friends online, and an even more so when they are creatives like me. Recently, I had the opportunity of connecting with Allison Idella, professional known as ALLIESUN. Since our very first interaction, she has been nothing but a ray of sunshine. She is always willing to help others in the music industry, especially women, and continuously shows support to those she connects with. To give you some more background information, ALLIESUN is a 23-year-old DJ & music producer currently based in Los Angeles. She only began music production a year and a half ago and recently released her second single ‘LEVEL UP’ which is a bass house song with some heavy sound design elements. Some of the elements she used in this track can often be found in dark techno and even dubstep. On top of focusing on her own musical career, she is heavily involved in curating the GRL GANG playlist on Spotify and is always looking for more women to support. Though her discography is small for the time being, she is authentically building her craft and her brand and wants to connect with her fans in a positive and rewarding way.

For anyone who is interested in hearing more of her works and getting to know her better as an artist, head over to her Soundcloud page (link at end of article) and listen to her mix series ‘Get Groovy With Me’. This mix series is a great example of her intricate and mesmerizing song selection and a good representation of her mixing skills. Additionally, keep reading the Q&A portion of this article if you want to know her on a more personal level.

Q. You only started producing a year and a half ago and are already putting out music – THAT’S AMAZING! Would you say you were more excited or more nervous when you released your first single ‘DO IT’?

A. I would say it was an even mixture of both. I was super excited in general though to just start getting music out and start building my library!

Q. Your latest release ‘LEVEL UP’ is a big vibe! Did anything inspire you to create this song or did it just kind of happen? What was the creative process behind this song like?

A. It was definitely a happy accident in the studio! I feel that when I’m in the studio without expectations and just playing around, the best accidents happen.

Q. Both of your current releases are house songs; do you plan on mostly putting out house music throughout your career or do you plan on exploring other genres as well?

A. I am currently so focused on house music - but I try my best to incorporate elements from every genre. So I hope that leads to more experimental sound design overtime! I love EDM and dance music as a whole so I’m so open to any genre.

Q. Has music played a big role in your life since a young age or is this a newer passion of yours?

A. Absolutely! No matter what happens in life, music is always there. It’s always been something I can count on and it’s probably the most important thing in my life.

Q. If you had to pick 3 words to describe your brand, your music, and the ALLIESUN project as a whole, what words would you choose and why?

A. Dark, Fun, and Energetic! I hope to always bring people a fun and energetic experience!

Q. How long have you been curating the GRL GANG playlist and how did you end up getting this opportunity?

A. I started this about a year ago! I had joined GRL GANG and it is such an amazing community. I knew I wanted to help and be involved and I’m so grateful Jeanie has given me this opportunity! I recommend it to any woman in the industry looking for a community to share art and make friends!

Q. I always include a question that’s a bit more personal and random, so my question for you is: If your life had a mascot, what would the mascot be and why?

A. It would be a butterfly! I love them so much and what they stand for spiritually!

Q. Lastly, please let us know about anything you have going on in the coming months or anything that you want to share with our readers:

A. In the next couple of months I have some mixes and tracks dropping and I am so excited! I’m so grateful for everything that’s going on and I can’t wait to share more music with the World.

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