• Steph Landreville

The Subtle Truth. 015 - LIL SAIYAN

Artist, producer, sound engineer and business owner based out of Montreal, we are excited to present you all to Zach, professionally known as LIL SAIYAN. This jack of all trades has been truly pushing boundaries in the World of music and is consistently trying to help other artists.

Zach started making music in his teen years and was highly inspired and influenced by rap and hip hop. As he continued to develop his own sound and style over time, he went into a more of a pop and punk-rock direction which he feels is more genuine to what he aspires to do with his art in the long run. He’s had the opportunity of collaborating with some very talented local artists and recently put out a track called “Cupid”. In this track he works with a drummer who goes by the name Matt Nozetz as well as guitarist Alex Remington who works with a popular Montreal-based alternative band called ‘Group Project’.

Wanting to be more involved in all aspects of music, Zach decided to pursue music production and sound engineering. This work is what he has found to be most rewarding as he loves getting to meet new local talent and help them find their unique sound and identity. “It’s rare that a session with me is just press record, mix/master and deliver product” he says. Rather, he treats every project as if it’s his own and puts his all into it. He even offers songwriting suggestions where it’s appropriate and has a goal of ensuring that both him and the artist are having a great time while finalizing a project. He is continuously learning from everyone he encounters and looks forward to meeting more talented individuals in the future.

In August of 2020, he founded a company called 'InviteOnly' with the goal of elevating the quality of visual content being produce in the earlier stages of an artist’s career. With a keen eye for detail and a big vision, him and his team offer affordable and personalized visual work such as music videos, cover art, promotional content for social media and more. A very special part of this company is that the team has all been hired from a local University in Montreal that goes by the name “Concordia University” – fun fact: this is where I did my studies as well. They decided to do this in order to offer students in Concordia’s film program a chance to expand their portfolio all while getting paid and experiencing a real taste of the industry prior to graduating.

Zach is really someone who is passionate about the music industry and all of his work really shines light on that. Today, I am excited to allow you all to get to know this individual a little better.

Q. Do you remember the moment in your life where you decided to take your passion for music and turn it into a career?

A. I wouldn't say there was really a moment, it was more that overtime I gained enough confidence and experience to charge people for the work I was doing.

Q. If you could give your fans one piece of advice that helped you when you first started your career in music, what would it be?

A. I know it can be cliché, but whatever your passion is go for it... 9 years ago I bought a microphone and a laptop, which somehow turned into me making music as my career. Always give things a try, and don't be shy to ask for help!

Q. On average, how much time do you dedicate to music every week, whether that be as an artist, engineer, or through your business?

A. Honestly, it really depends...If I'm feeling it, I could work 12-16 hours a day on one song. However, I've also experienced some days where the inspiration just isn't there and I end up only working a couple hours. I find taking breaks really important, especially if you're constantly creating new content.

Q. If you could work on an album as a music producer/sound engineer with 1 artist, who would it be and why?

A. Travis Barker. Listening to Blink-182 was a huge part of my youth and their music influences me still to this day. I think Travis in particular is a musical genius and his continued presence in the pop/punk scene (especially recently) is not only impressive but inspiring. He's a legend.

Q. How did you come up with your company name “InviteOnly” and is there a deeper meaning behind it?

A. InviteOnly is about giving clients a VIP experience. So, we wanted the company name to sound exclusive and affluent and I feel like we achieved that.

Q. If you had to choose 3 values/words that define your company 'InviteOnly' what would they be?

A. 1- Artistic integrity

2- VIP treatment

3- Passion

Our team is dedicated, and motivated to bring our clients' vision to life. We offer a safe and positive work environment with a progressive mindset.

Q. I always include a more personal yet random question in my interviews, so my question for you is: what are your top 3 biggest pet peeves?

A. Delivery food that spills in the bag, loud chewing, and overcooked pasta.

Q. Lastly, self-promo time! What do you have going on and what can we expect from you next?

A. My new single "Cupid" is out now on all platforms! You can also check out the music video on youtube... also if you want to stay updated on all my latest projects you can follow me @lilxsaiyan on instagram.