• Steph Landreville

The Subtle Truth. 012 - Jiqui

Having worked with Jiqui in the past, it was a no-brainer to have him as a guest on The Subtle Truth.

Jiqui is an extremely talented producer based out of Vancouver, BC. With his unique sound design, his mixing and mastering skills, and handful of massive releases under his belt, he has truly made a name for himself in the dubstep scene. He continues to push boundaries with his sounds and doesn’t let himself be limited by specific genres which is something that I believe truly sets him apart from the masses.

As he continues to gain support and recognition from major players in the game such as Excision, Subtronics, Kompany and many more, it is clear that Jiqui is just getting started and has a lot more success coming his way. It’s always such a pleasure chatting with Jiqui and I am beyond grateful to do this Q&A with him to help our audience get to know him better!

Jiqui, thank you for being here.

Q. Not long ago you released a collab with Kompany called ‘Cut Throat’. How did you and Kompany connect and what was it like working on this track with him?

A. Cut Throat is actually the second track we’ve worked on together. We started another collab over a year ago now, and we had been teasing that one for a while. But for Cut Throat, I randomly sent him a wip that I was going to scrap because I didn’t really like it but he ended up really liking it and wanted to work on it. We ended up getting on a call the next day and finished it in one session. Working on tunes with him is always fun, he’s a beast in Ableton and I always learn a lot from our sessions.

Q. You’ve put out so much great music ever since you started your journey in the World of dubstep. Out of all these releases, which one would you say had the biggest impact on your career and why?

A. The release that did the most for me would probably have to be my flip of Boss. That song ended up getting played out by so many people and I think it was one of the tracks that started putting me on people’s radars. Excision was playing it out on pretty much every stop on his tour before covid hit. It ended up getting like 100k streams on Soundcloud which I was pretty happy with. The other would have to be Losing Myself. Both of those tracks did really well.

Q. Which genres and sub-genres of EDM have you been drawn to the most lately?

A. I’ve been listening to so much weird halftime, trap, & dnb lately. It’s actually what I’ve been listening to a lot over the last year. I actually have been making lots of stuff like this too that’s gonna be coming out eventually.

Q. I know that you are often on the hunt for new, fresh music on Soundcloud. Which 3 artists have you found lately that have impressed you the most?

A. Tough question, there’s so many people killing it right now. Currently my 3 artists I’ve been listening to the most have to be Dveight, i7 & Rome In Silver.

Q. If you could go B2B right now with any DJ, who would it be?

A. Would love to b2b with Virtual Riot. His energy is crazy and I love his music.

Q. Alright let’s get a bit more personal here. What’s something you are really afraid of that not many people know about?

A. I think people close to me know, but I absolutely hate flying. It’s something I’m trying to overcome because once I start playing more shows I’m gonna have to start flying a lot more.

Q. I love including a fun question too. So, if you could have any super power, which one would you choose and why?

A. I would love to be able to run super fast or fly. I feel like it would make life so much easier being able to get anywhere I want easily.

Q. Lastly, let us know of anything you have coming up 😊

A. I’ve got lots of releases and show announcements coming up soon. Gonna be a busy few months but there is some super super exciting stuff that I am beyond stoked about.

Thanks for having me!!

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