• Steph Landreville

The Subtle Truth. 011 - Cyclops

Currently managed by Andrew Sierra at Cardinal Artists, I am stoked to introduce you all to Cyclops!

Cyclops is a music producer/DJ from Boston, Massachusetts who launched his career in the dubstep scene only about 4 years ago. In such short time, he has created a loyal fanbase for himself and has received support from very established artists in the scene including ATLiens, Subtronics, Slander, NGHTMR and the one and only Excision.

On top of being such a talented artist, Cyclops recently started showing the World his more comedic side by posting hilarious content on Tik Tok. Most of his content is related to the reality of being an artist in the EDM scene but with a funny and often sarcastic twist.

So, whether you know of Cyclops because of Tik Tok or because you are a fan of his music, or both, we hope you take a few minutes to get to know him a little better.

Q. So let’s start from the beginning. What made you fall in love with dubstep in the first place? A. I remember being in high school in 2013 and my friend who was a year older than me had just gotten his license. Coincidentally around that time trap music was starting to get big and a lot of kids in my high school were sharing songs they had found with each other. My friends and I would whip out of the school parking lot after school every day, windows down with Living Room by TWRK blasting. I quickly fell in love with the energy and loud bass trap music had which served as my introduction to electronic music.

Fast forward to 2015, I had just started college and my roommate Neel was super into bass music and we immediately bonded over that. He turned me on to Jack U, Getter and all of the OWSLA artists at the time. He had a DJ controller and Serato on his computer and we used to prepare like mini sets and play in our living room at school for each other. We would climb onto like the highest point on our couch and jump off it at the drop (I’m sure the people living below us hated us). Being able to share music and experiences like that quickly made me fall in love with it.

Q. In your experience, what has been the hardest part of breaking through and gaining recognition as an artist in the dubstep scene? A. I feel like for me it’s been just figuring out what are the right things to be spending my time on. When I was just starting out, I didn’t really know any other producers in the scene, any music business & branding stuff, or really how I should be spending my time. For the first 2-3 years it was a lot of trial and error figuring out how to get my stuff heard.

I think if I could help my past self, I would say to just focus almost all of your time on getting your music up to par with other big artists and send your music to DJs to play out.

Q. The past year and a bit has been a time where everyone has needed to adapt. In what ways has this affected your work as an artist, whether it be positive or negative? A. I think one good result of this past year is that it’s given me a new perspective to focus on what’s serving me and what isn’t. I’ve gotten a chance to experiment with changing everything from my daily routines to how I finish music which I’m very thankful for.

Q. What’s one of your dream festivals to perform at one day?

A. Definitely Lost Lands

Q. Now, let’s talk about your Tik Toks a little bit. Your content has definitely made me laugh quite a few times and I love seeing you pop up on my “for you page”. Do you plan your content ahead of time or do you mostly come up with it on the spot?

A. Thanks I’m stoked to hear that! It’s usually just stuff I come up with on the spot. I’ll scroll down my FYP until I come across something that sparks an idea and then just run with it.

Q. If you had to choose a top 3 of your favorite content creators on Tik Tok, who would they be?

A. Hmmm, I’d say Kyle Gordon, John Mayer, and Druski - all super funny.

Q. I always include a more random question in my interviews to give our readers a chance to learn something new about our guests. So, who is your favorite superhero and why?

A. Oh it has to be Toby Maguire as Spiderman. I was a big Spiderman fan as a kid and that was the era of Spiderman I grew up with.

Q. Lastly, is there anything you would like to share and promote?

A. Be sure to check out my new EP coming out on Disciple Round Table July 23rd. Lots of cool music, lots of fun! 😎👍

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