• Steph Landreville

The Subtle Truth. 010 - Dubstep FBI

If you don’t know about Dubstep FBI, here is your chance to join the movement!

Dubstep FBI is an EDM publication with a goal to generate hype around artists by giving them a space to submit mixes, be interviewed, premiere their music and even be featured on the Dubstep FBI podcast.

Behind all of this incredible work are CEO & Co-Founder Christina Vessa and Co-Founder & Vice President Yesenia Vizcaya. These two wonderful ladies have made it their mission to unite people through good music and good vibes. They are always searching for, and listening to, new tunes and want to help promote people who have a strong drive to pursue their dreams in the World of music.

Christina and Yesenia have spent a lot of time in the crowd at multiple shows and festivals and care a lot for the EDM community. They’ve created a space where everyone is valued and they have made it clear that they are always there for others when need be. Seeing as they are always promoting artists that they love, I thought it would be amazing to reverse the roles and put them in the spotlight.

With that being said, let’s get to know these ladies and their brand a little better.

Q. Yesenia, how did you and Christina meet and what brought you two to work together?

A. We both went to Colorado State University but never really talked up until we went on a girls trip to Europe in July 2018! I bought festival passes to Tomorrowland and invited a friend from college. She then invited two other friends - Chrissy being one of them. We got really close after that trip and both knew that we always wanted to start our own businesses but never knew what that would be. Fast forward to November 2019, that's when Chrissy came up with the idea of Dubstep FBI and brought me on board as the VP!

Q. Christina, when did you launch Dubstep FBI and how did the idea come to life?

A. The idea for Dubstep FBI came about in a hotel room after EDC Vegas in 2019! I was still buzzing from the PLUR vibes and all the new friends we met at the rave; I wanted to create a space where those vibes could be incorporated into everyday life -- not just after a show. I thought it would be funny to call it the FBI, for “Filthy Beat Inspectors” -- it's a double entendre that symbolizes investigators looking for filthy beats. The idea came to life in November 2019 after I designed the logo and came up with the yellow color scheme. I was a bit nervous about starting a business alone, so I approached Yesi for advice and she encouraged me to pursue the idea. I on-boarded her as VP and let her take the lead on social media and artist relations shortly thereafter.

Q. What prior experience do you have that helped you develop this brand and be in the positions you’re both at today?

A (Christina). As a journalist, I learned early on the value of publishing high-quality content. My bread and butter is writing; I was a crime and breaking news reporter early in my career. Since then, I’ve developed skills in photography, branding, design and social media through my day job as a brand manager for an engineering university. Every day, Yesi and I try to learn new things and teach each other different skills. We absolutely love networking and are both very charismatic.

A (Yesenia). Chrissy and I bring different skill sets to the table which I believe is the reason why we work so well together. I have years of experience working with sales teams in start-ups and Chrissy is the mastermind behind our brand marketing. We both were sacrificing so much at our day jobs and quickly realized that we didn't want to be slaving away at anyone else's dream the rest of our lives.

Q. What advice would you give to anyone who is looking to work in the EDM industry but doesn’t necessarily know where to start?

A (Christina). I was so nervous before starting Dubstep FBI. I had no idea there were other women in this industry and falsely convinced myself it would be me competing against a bunch of other men. My advice is to never sell yourself short. If you have an amazing idea, the first step is to talk about it with your friends and write it down! Bring the idea to life by asking questions about how others in the industry got started. Next step is updating your social media pages to ensure your bio identifies you as part of the industry. Once I added “Co-Founder, Dubstep FBI” to my Facebook page, people started coming out of the woodwork to add me and to be part of our venture. Be sure you have a public-facing image that tells others who you are.

A (Yesenia) - Network! I can't stress this enough. There are so many amazing people in this industry who are just as eager to make connections. Take them out for coffee, lunch, drinks, whatever it may be and pick their brains. You never know where those connections may lead to and it all goes back to the saying of, "It's not about what you know, it's about who you know."

Q. Christina, do you and Yesenia do all the work that goes into Dubstep FBI or do you have a team of people who help behind the scenes?

A. We have an incredible street team of 11 people who contribute to everything from news reporting to playlist curation and Twitter management. While Yesi and I do most of the business efforts, our street team is our eyes and ears. Without them, we wouldn’t have such a deep presence in the scene. They are constantly notifying us of new festivals, upcoming artist collabs and dubstep news. I’m so grateful for the time and effort they put into representing this brand.

Q. Yesenia, do you and Christina write the articles together or do you split up the work?

A. Our current process is fairly streamlined. It is mostly split up between our street team members and Chrissy. Chrissy and I both know that I am not the best writer (or at least I don't think I am) but Chrissy works with the street team to get these articles written up, published, then I promote them across our social media pages.

Q. Do you both plan on attending some festivals this year? Which ones?

A (Christina). We are hoping to do coverage on some big ones. I’m starstruck by the Imagine Festival lineup, so I’d like to be at several of the b2b sets in Chattahoochee, Georgia Sept. 17-19. We will definitely be at Global Dance in Denver. I’m also looking forward to Lost Lands -- it will be an opportunity to meet our street team! We’ve only met like 4 of 11 of them in person haha. EDCO will be on the docket.

A (Yesenia). Absolutely! As of now, I have tickets to Global Dance Fest in Denver, EDC Orlando, and Lost Lands. And of course going to as many local shows in Denver as possible!

Q. Shameless self-promo time! What should we be looking out for in the near future from Dubstep FBI?

A. We are always looking for creative ways to engage with headbangers. Whether it be embarrassing ourselves by doing high knees to the latest banger or joking with artists on our podcast, you can expect more unique content. We have BrunchBeatz and D3V on Riot Control Radio and will be premiering the Filthy Beat Inspectors podcast season 3 with Samplifire!!!

We are always trying to engage more women in the scene, so ladies please reach out to us if you want to chat or work together! We're constantly inspired by women like you, Steph, and are looking forward to connecting with you in person.

Check out the Dubstep FBI website: https://www.dubstepfbi.com/