• Steph Landreville

The Subtle Truth. 008 - Larissa Kurucz

I am super stoked to introduce you all to Larissa Kurucz. Larissa is an artist from Columbus, Ohio. This time when I say artist, I’m not referring to a musical artist but rather a painter/drawer. To be more specific, this young lady is a psychedelic surrealist painter who enjoys using bright colors and geometric shapes in a lot of her works. She is known for using hexagons which resemble the shape of beehives and includes bees in many of her artwork! To her, these shapes and creatures symbolize many things but most importantly they symbolize community, abundance and a connection from the spiritual World to the earthly.

In the past year she has made it a goal to live paint at different EDM events and already had the opportunity to paint at Space Camp, Woke Woods Music Festival, What?Collective and Sidestage Collective where her art was featured during Josh Teed’s performance. One of her biggest goals is to one day paint at Electric Forest, which is actually where the two of us met.

Larissa is currently in school to become an art teacher and works hard every day to improve her skills. I am constantly in awe with her work and hope to see her at more and more festivals in the years to come.

Larissa, thanks for taking a moment to chat!

Q. How old were you when you started painting?

A. I don't remember the exact age but I have been doing art since I can remember! By the age of 12 I had an airbrush in my hand and started acrylic painting more in high school. I continued painting in college getting my Fine Arts Bachelor degree and have been really diving into my own style for the past 2 years now.

Q. What would you say is the hardest part of creating art?

A. I think the hardest part is riding the wave of creativity. Not everything is always a masterpiece and that is just part of the process. Learning to keep working through those tough mental moments of painting and trusting the process can be really difficult at times but is all worth it in the end.

Q. Which artist are you most influenced by and why?

A. I'm most influenced by Annie Kyla Bee, Logan Walden, Melissa Leigh, Morgan Mandala, Randal Roberts...the list goes on! These are all artists I met or saw painting when I started diving deep into my own creations and really inspired me to put my art out into the World. Their purpose for creating and the imagery they share just really is incredible and hits home with me. They're also all amazing human beings creating with such wicked beauty.

Q. Do you do any digital art as well?

A. I do! I've most recently gotten into working on procreate and making some cover art for artists. It's a great way to still create when I don't have space for painting.

Q. Do you listen to music while you paint or draw? If yes, what do you listen to?

A. I always always always listen to music when I paint and draw! If I'm feeling a vibe I listen to things like Griz, Flume, Odesza, Tipper, but if I'm getting amped up I go with artists like Jansten, Matt Doe, REMETI or Wreckno.

Q. If you could live paint at any 3 festivals of your choice, which ones would you choose?

A. Ooooo tough choices but I would definitely go with Electric Forest, Resonance and Lightning in a Bottle.

Q. Lastly, where can we see the art you have created?

A. All my art gets posted regularly on social media like Instagram and Facebook. Follow me at @larissakuruczart :)

Follow Larissa Kurucz Art: https://www.instagram.com/larissakuruczart/