• Steph Landreville

The Subtle Truth. 007 - Gaby Harvey

Today I am stoked to introduce you all to a good friend of mine who goes by the name Gaby Harvey.

Gaby Harvey is a Canadian songstress from Montreal with a strong passion for music, dance and fashion. With her falsettos, her raspy voice, and her seductive tone, she aims to redefine pop music by incorporating her own sound and style. Gaby writes all of her lyrics so you can always expect her music to be heartfelt, authentic, and representative of real-life situations that many can relate to. Additionally, she is always highly involved in the production behind her music as well as the direction of all her music videos.

Gaby truly is an all-around artist with many skills, and I believe she has an incredibly bright future ahead of her. Ever since I heard her song ‘Stupid’ I have been hooked. I’ve have had the opportunity of listening to some of her unreleased work and I was absolutely blown away. I can’t wait for you all to hear it!

Until then, I hope you all take a moment to get to know this talented individual a little better! Q. Gaby, you have so many different skills so I’m curious, how would you best describe yourself? Which of your skills is the most important to you?

A. I would definitely describe myself as a multi-disciplinary artist as well as a business oriented woman. Artistically, the most important skill to me would be both songwriting and vocal production. As a business woman, my most important skill is getting shit done, no matter the circumstances, environment, etc. If I want something done I find a way to do it, always.

Q. How long have you been making music and when did you decide to start taking it seriously?

A. I started writing when I was 11. Anything from poems, to “journal entries” and songwriting. I discovered I actually had a talent for singing when I started playing piano at 13. I went from having dreams of being a writer to having dreams of being an artist. I decided to dive in head first when I was 18. I dropped out of college, took private production classes and eventually met Don Dada, who took me under his wing and mentored me. Shoutout to you Don, none of this would be possible without you.

Q. You’ve mentioned to me before that you are learning how to produce, what is the goal with this new skill? Do you mainly want to create all of your music from A to Z or help out other aspiring artists, or both? A. I think I mainly wanted to learn how to produce because of my ear. I know that sounds weird so let me explain lol. I took piano classes for a year and quit that. I wasn’t the type of student who learned the way most do. Understanding how to read notes, write music, etc. was never something that made sense to me. Although, I do wish I put more effort into it at the time. I was the type of person who did everything by ear. I would hear melodies in my head and go recreate them on the piano. Overtime as I discovered my sound as an artist (which can get very experimental) I found it hard to explain what I was hearing in my head. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and gain more knowledge in regards to producing so I can at least provide an outline for the producers on my team and work with them from there. The goal is to eventually get myself to a place where I am established enough to help / give back to aspiring artists and the community.

Q. I mentioned above that you are passionate about many things aside from music such as dance and fashion. Can you tell us a bit more about these passions, and any other passion you may have, and how they play a role in your musical career? A. Fashion and dance are definitely passions of mine. I love all things that involve artistic expression; however the other main passion I have aside from music is women empowerment, educating people on the reality of crimes against women and the struggles we face in the music industry as well as any industry. My song “Stupid” is all about that if you haven’t figured that out yet lmao. One of my main goals is to eventually build more safe / clean women shelters and hopefully find myself with a platform big enough to spread awareness through many different outlets.

Q. What would you say is the hardest part of being an artist in today’s World? A. I think breaking through is one of the hardest parts. You can have all the talent in the World but getting yourself to a point where you’re “discovered” by someone who has the tools you need to put you on the map is tricky. A lot of it has to do with your work ethic, how you market / promote yourself, but the other half is knowing what rooms to put yourself in physically to make those connections and have that “right place / right time” moment. There’s so much more I can answer to this question but we’ll leave it at that.

Q. I always like including at least 1 fun question in my interviews so here’s one for you: If your life had a theme song, which song would it be? A. WHOLE LOTTA MONEY by BIA

Q. Lastly, let us know of any upcoming projects you have coming up or any past projects you would like to promote:

A. I am so excited to announce my upcoming project: REVAMP. Dates will be announced soon. I took a lot of hits and learned a lot of lessons over the years of working this music game. I applied all of those hits and lessons to this project and I couldn’t be more stoked to release it. Aside from that if you haven’t heard my song “Stupid” yet…get on that.

Follow Gaby Harvey: https://biglink.to/fkdQ