• Steph Landreville

The Subtle Truth. 006 - TruFeelz

While wandering around Electric Forest in 2019, my friends and I decided to make a pit stop at the silent disco. We planned on staying there about 15 minutes before going to catch some sets that we had been excited about all weekend. As we were about to head out, I was curious to tune into the artist that had just stepped foot on stage and let me tell you, I was immediately captivated by his performance. My friends kept telling me we had to go, and I looked at them and said, “there’s no way I am leaving this set, this guy is KILLING IT”. That guy goes by the name of TruFeelz and I am glad to now call him a good friend.

TruFeelz is from Minneapolis but currently resides in Los Angeles. He brings his own vibe to the bass scene, one which he describes as a mix of “happy and heavy bass music”. His sounds are unique and his creativity is mind blowing. TruFeelz also does a lot of his own vocals, which you can hear on his latest release called 'Riptide' on Subsidia. One of my favorite things about this artist is his energy on stage. I’ve never seen someone jump around, vibe with the crowd and get as into the music as he does. He also has the best bass face I have ever witnessed. You can tell that TruFeelz absolutely and whole heartedly loves what he does and is extremely passionate about music. If you have never seen TruFeelz perform, I highly suggest you add his name to your must-see-artists list.

Before you all head over to Spotify and listen to his tunes, let me help you get to know him a little better.

Q. At what age did you start producing music and how old were you when you released your first song?

A. I’ve been producing tunes for about 10 plus years, starting with hip hop back in the day. I’ve only been making electronic music for the last 5/6 years, and that’s around the same time I started TruFeelz. I released my first song early 2016 :)

Q. Who was your biggest inspiration when you first began making music? What about now, is it the same person?

A. If I were to take it back 15 years ago when I was in a punk rock band, I would have to go with the band NOFX. They are my all-time favorite (still), and their unadulterated raw energy and aggressive refusal to give anything resembling a fuck has always given me inspiration. As far as electronic music goes, I think every producer including me has to pay respects to the don Skrillex. He is so awesome, and set the stage for what many of us are doing now. I still love both of those artists, and get inspiration from a weird variety nowadays. I’ve really been liking more alternative groups like Purity Ring, and listen to a fair amount of Adele as well lol. ALRT is my new fav electronic artist I think.

Q. Do you ever get creative blocks where you struggle to create? If so, what helps you push through them?

A. This is such a tough one. Mainly when I get creative blocks, I spend a day stressed out and feeling sorry for myself (lol), and then ultimately force myself to sit down and just get to work. Usually a few hours in, or half a day/night in, I find some sort of inspiration or flow with the track I’m working on. I also spend a lot of time planning out and conceptualizing my tracks days or weeks before I start them (especially w/ vocal driven tracks). I barely ever wing it with tracks anymore, and usually have some sort of an idea of what I’m going to make. I record a lot of melodies or ideas on my phone. It’s filled with audio clips haha. I do think this is a very common thing producers struggle with though, but in my eyes, inspiration can come later, and usually does as long as you just show up and start working. I guess when I really have no ideas and on the rare occasion where I wing it, I’ll just start making sounds and sometimes I’ll get ideas from there. Some days though, I just accept that what I did in the particular day, I might not use as a release, but is part of me growing as a producer. I try to keep that in mind. There’s always going to be ideas that don’t come to life, or tracks that just don’t make the cut.

Now a few random questions because, why not?!

Q. If you could be any animal in the World, which one would you choose?

A. Yooo this is a dope question. Shout out to animals lol. Two come to mind. The part of me that wants to be a badass would say a black panther, because they’re so badass and awesome and sneaky, but in reality I’d probably be more fit to be a flying squirrel lol. I love them. They glide through the air and I’m kind of a squirrelly guy so I resonate a bit with that lol. I love cats too. Really I love all animals so much. Rhinos deserve a shout out too because they are so large, but so gentle and sweet, often contrary to what people assume. Honestly this is the hardest question so far haha.

Q. What are your top 3 favorite tv shows?

A. The Office is my fav for sure. Breaking Bad comes second. Not really sure about third. I’m watching Peaky Blinders right now on Netflix and it’s pretty good.

Q. Lastly, do you have any music or projects in the works that you’d like to tell our readers about?

A. I’m sitting on a bunch of tracks right now. They range from Hard-dance/bass tunes to poppy/synthwave ones. Honestly, I think I’m more excited about my poppy stuff. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!

Make sure you follow TruFeelz on all socials and streaming platforms! Link to everything TruFeelz: https://biglink.to/fj93