Our Vision

Subtle But True provides a safe environment where growth and self-expression are encouraged. Inclusive of everyone, SBT aims to offer proper guidance and support to their team members, their following and anyone they connect with along the way.

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Steph Landreville

Owner / Founder / Artist Manager

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Steph Landreville is a dedicated and passionate music industry professional who focuses on day-to-day artist management. She’s been working with artists since 2018 and launched her own management company, Subtle But True, in January of 2020. While prioritizing the mental health of her team, and of herself, she is driven by watching her artists succeed and works hard to help them reach their full potential.

She currently represents an extremely versatile and talented panel of artists which includes: FREAKY, MIKE DANGLEZ, PIERCE, & WHZLY.

In 2021, Steph took on her first intern at Subtle But True. She wanted the opportunity to teach someone what she had learned over the years while providing proper guidance and support.  As Steph continues to learn and to educate, she has gotten involved in multiple facets of the music industry. From writing blog articles, to learning how to make cover art for releases, she's demonstrated her true passion and creative side while going above and beyond for those she loves.

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Erika Wohland

Junior Artist Manager

Based out of Denver, Colorado, Erika Wohland is the newest member of the Subtle But True management team. After falling in love with electronic music and the music festival scene in 2016, she knew she wanted to pursue a career in the EDM industry.


In 2021 Erika began her first Artist Management Internship with Subtle But True. Originally starting as a short-term, 3 month, internship, Erika was quickly asked to stay longer after proving herself through her hard work and dedication. After spending the full year as an intern, she is starting the new year as a Junior Artist Manager for MIKE DANGLEZ.


As she continues to learn and grow with the SBT Fam, she looks forward to experimenting with her own approach towards management. While keeping mental health as a priority and always thinking outside the box, she is dedicated to building her own unique roster of artists in the years to come.