Aiming to be a positive influence for emerging artists, fans, and the music scene as whole, FREAKY uses his life experience to tell a relatable story through his art. While facing and embracing both the good and bad in his life, he’s learned the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being present for those who surround him. He hopes to encourage people to chase their dreams by showing them the results of hard work, dedication, and passion. He believes that success is being able to do what you love for a living and he will never stop chasing his dreams and working hard towards his goals.

“The best experience is experience” – FREAKY.



Alex Fricke, better known by his stage name ‘FREAKY’, is a DJ and music producer hailing out of Charlotte, NC. Over the years, his unique production style has helped him gain a large amount of support from acts he looks up to such as Excision, Riot Ten, Calcium and more.

While portraying two sides of himself through his brand and his music, he has incorporated both heavy and melodic releases to his discography. Being so versatile, he’s had the opportunity of releasing on labels such as Dim Mak, Emengy, Hybrid Trap, and multiple times on Excision’s label Subsidia.

While the energy of his live sets has left fans breathless with every performance, he is working towards providing an even grander experience for all to enjoy. Already having secured performances at events such as Lost Lands, Imagine Music Festival, multiple direct support as well as headlining shows and so much more, he is ready to keep breaking necks and mending hearts around the World.